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Moving with Artwork: Preserving and Safely Transporting Your Art Collection

Moving artwork requires special care to ensure its preservation and safe transport. In this blog post, we will provide valuable guidance on how to pack, protect, and transport your art collection during a move. From choosing appropriate packing materials to handling delicate pieces and ensuring proper climate control, Always Best Moving, the trusted residential movers in Vancouver, is here to help you safeguard your precious artwork throughout the moving process.

Assess and Document Your Art Collection 
Before packing your artwork, assess its condition and take detailed photographs or create an inventory. This will serve as documentation for insurance purposes and aid in setting up your artwork in the new location. Note any existing damage or fragile areas that require extra attention during the move.

Use Proper Packing Materials 
Invest in high-quality packing materials specifically designed for artwork. Use acid-free tissue paper, glassine, or archival wraps to protect delicate surfaces. For framed artwork, use corner protectors and bubble wrap. Consider using custom-built crates or art shipping boxes for valuable or large pieces. These specialized containers provide optimal protection during transit. Label each package clearly, indicating its fragility and the correct orientation for handling.

Handle with Care 
When handling artwork, use clean white gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges. Be cautious with delicate frames and avoid touching the artwork directly. For larger pieces, use proper lifting techniques or consider hiring professionals experienced in handling artwork. When moving framed artwork, keep it upright to prevent warping or damage to the glass. Secure the artwork in a standing position in the moving vehicle to minimize the risk of shifting or impact.

Ensure Proper Climate Control 
Artwork is sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Maintain a stable environment during the move by using climate-controlled vehicles or properly insulating your artwork. Avoid exposing artwork to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Consider using desiccant packs or moisture-absorbing materials to protect against moisture damage. If necessary, consult a professional art handler or conservator for advice on maintaining the optimal conditions for your specific artwork.

Seek Professional Assistance
For valuable or irreplaceable pieces, consider seeking professional assistance from art transport or specialized moving companies. These professionals have the expertise and experience to handle artwork safely and ensure its proper care throughout the moving process. They can provide custom crating, climate-controlled transport, and insurance coverage for your valuable art collection.

Moving artwork requires careful attention to detail and proper handling to ensure its preservation and safe transport. By assessing and documenting your art collection, using appropriate packing materials, handling with care, ensuring proper climate control, and seeking professional assistance when needed, you can confidently move your art collection with the help of Always Best Moving, the trusted residential movers in Vancouver.

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